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Together We Rise

According to Sikh scriptures, success is not measured by accumulation of wealth, accolades or material things. A Sikh selflessly prays daily for all to prosper – Sarbat da bhalaa, we ask the Almighty for the well-being of all of humanity, prosperity for everyone in the worldwide community and global peace for the entire planet. The four doors of The Golden Temple, Amritsar, symbolizes equality and brotherhood for all mankind, a concept central to Sikhism. Our scriptures teach us to
  • Love your fellow man unconditionally
  • Serve the needy selflessly
  • Respect everyone’s freedom impartially
  • Stand up for justice courageously

The float design also emphasized the message of Sarbat da bhalaa through color. The four colors that flowed out of four doors of The Golden Temple were:

  • White for Seva/Service
  • Red for love
  • Yellow for freedom
  • Blue for justice.

The message is further emphasized through words written in the same color scheme and riders also dressed in the same color scheme. The four corners had white peacocks and rising floral structures. We are all here to inspire each other, uplift each other and rise together!